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Snow particulates surround the crispy aftermath of a blanket storm,
pines bear the weight of thunderous white clouds, whilst,
precipitation undermines winter’s grasp,
a choke hold on vines in a spectacular village in Tuscany,
grasping the gregarious quality of oneself,
it is the understatement of conditioning that interests the body.

Palliative care being the needy when a heart strikes,
consistency in rainbows become a fantasy for the dreamer,
one’s essence is physical, a manifestation of the divine,
love in scholars resides deep into the adjacent forest, text book.

Canopies of trees and stars inside the underneath,
sensations behold winter`s glance inside…


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Between the cradling in the chest,
shortened in the living space where we crawl through personal deserts,
we are fine,
left alongside the jagged mirror that is faltered behind.

Utmost intrusions collect dust, species collide on the inside,
willowing bust in the mother’s chest, the place of oscillation and comfort,
making bread into the churning, butter, nut butter,
left over species, instinctual fossils that draw attention to the viewer;
she is here.

Illusions inside the ghost closest to the rear wall,
petrified of missing one’s own laughter,
conclusions are debated among strangers; the brewing chess of inner minds,
hollowed into a fascination…

How it is that creatures beyond the great blue comprehend horizons,
merging with the edge of tomorrow, yellow winged finches,
life offending time, the capture of the cynical, reverence for abundance and loss.

Photo by Catia Dombaxe on Unsplash

Landscapes of rolling hills appear as green mosaics,
anything is mutual, sex in the flaming configurations.
Bodies control outer discourse, whilst the inner flame coincides,
star struck midnight eyes jolt through the inner frames of coincidence.

At the nearest destination one boards the ship, only to lose sight of the shore.

Sirens occupy the abetful coincidence, rising breath upon hearts,
strumming along with island bisque, tossed inside the…

Photo by Flávio Nunes on Unsplash

Utmost perception amidst heathen wait,
while landscapes emit the evolution point of soliloquies,
searching for the conscious in the perfection of attainment,
golden sunsets belong to the idiosyncrasy of human fallacy.

In times like these, logic emulates the descendant’s life blood,
standing in the shadows, one grieves for the fallen brethren,
sun rises and we remember there is always time through to another day,
journeying through the Baltic in ventures unknown to mankind.

Perfection in turquoise waters, amidst giant mounts and palm trees,
breezes in the secret oceans, patterns that are secrets of the hemisphere,
time has stood still for generations,

Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

Sensual celestial mornings are often abbreviated as such,
collective ideologies run amok cynics with a templar,
shamans run in golden temples, man returns with perspective from the moon,
tasting the shining as broken stars inside the inferno.

Horus inside the Egyptian sun,
hours bend into seconds besides empirical kingdoms,
time escapes the escalation, it is within the compound that centrifuge resides,
landscapes of resistance that become quintessential,
the quiet horizon precedes the loudest crash inside the forest.

The hillside is the hiding place for the constricted,
matched exactly to the temper of the sun,
bellows of romance remain hidden underneath sandstone hills,

Photo by Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash

“Whether we are at home or in a public spot or caught in a traffic jam or walking into a movie, we can stop and look at the other people there and realize that in pain and in joy they are just like me. Just like me they don’t want to feel physical pain or insecurity or rejection. Just like me they want to feel respected and physically comfortable.” -Pema Chödrön

In auburn, coloring perspectives becomes subjective sin,
I honor the awe filled spacious landscapes of turbulence and jaded forests,
opulence coinciding with swirling electrons of an advanced mind…

Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

Refractions of prismatic reflection,
boulders pertain to ravaged love, consonants into the entry,
it is the sacred perfection of customs, raving, chanting, claiming
that makes the utmost realization perfected as such.

Hovering clouds amidst the blue-grey skies
allow the entrance of questions into the allotted mind,
moving into the unknown, blotted ink over soiled paper,
opulence into the empty void, one is bewildered by inaction,
crossing deserted lands, parched from the seeker and his attention.

Wandering through old sequoias, trees speak to the deserted,
voiceless wanderers are heard through desperate tears and attachment to struggle,
single yet a compound, vestibules are filled…

The Weekly Knob Prompt 251 “Selfie”

Photo by Letícia Pelissari on Unsplash

Past remembrances become naught, darkness crawls auspiciously as vines do,
curvature leaks with veracity like waterfalls,
when no straight road can be found, a linear contraption exits.

As healing hands are brought forth from slumber, the ordinary existence,
gentle as a spring moon brings together inclinations and fantasy,
combining deep emotions and covert animation,
deep enough towards the trolley, the carrying capacity remains slender,
selfless selfies for life journeys, blazing in the shadows of redemption and slight.

Another hidden dawn in the forest of awkward gestures,
brilliance becomes cherry red in the face of horizontal initiation,
together, it is the parties that…

Anna Rozwadowska

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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