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Tom Greets on Unsplash

Love is eternal; bonds are rarely broken, centrifuge,
collective evolution trembles the ground as it forces it’s appeal,
the curve of existence lies at the feet of possibility,
catering to the rich and tumultuous.

Grounds tremble at tectonic occasion.

A mountainous stone, favored by gulls and oceans,
surrounded by crisp and striking blue,
jade hills are made gregarious,
let me see the moon that reflects the populous of affection,
occasionally, draw in facets of attention.

Pushing forward, man seeks to find a mortal future, in which the costs of living replace common traces of ancestry, yourself awakened by illusions that…

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JR Corpa on Unsplash

Mothering the nurturer that precludes joyful sadness,
useful become the links that attach us to one another,
the string that binds humanity, always becoming, one.

Humanity deteriorates as activity in pulsation becomes deciduous,
pine is the scent of marvel, constant battlegrounds of salvation,
second homes to the needy and frank, the destitute become young and careless,
yet, it is in being careful that odds are met in Spirit; the heart always knows.

Much of the season becomes useless unless usurped, inside the human, enjoyment is a fallacy in which one bathes in wonders, grain is the sand in which the…

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Photo by Aaron Burden

One line poem in response to the prompt…

Seeing the truth

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Photo by Francesca Zama on Unsplash

Beyond the hedge, where flowers once glowed,
bearded icicles and yellow stained lilies marched to the forefront,
colorful patterns swarmed monarch butterflies,
and sun’s end meant a joining of hands in between ratification,
in the spaces between the mountains and the dew.

Sodalite entered the finest of creation, bringing changes in powerful affliction,
jade swept away the largesse of the situation,
intrepid boutiques raving at the strike of dawn,
collective roosters sitting atop a chained fence at dawn,
cocking to alarm bells, the trance of surrender and hope.

A collective evolution of ghetto sunflowers gathers, they peek outside of their…

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Photo by Engine Ackyurt on Unsplash

Testing the water’s of time, love endures it’s elegant heights,
open but trembling, shaking off the dust of illusion,
true love never bothers a shaking soul, understanding equations
that man must endure, in order to trust the undying nature of love’s time.

Worshipping the eternal offer of combustion and profusion,
acting like a deserving child, mouth to mouth resuscitation,
flights of eagles end in heart break, as wings in heaven, flying the ancient,
paths of illusion become lonely, if not properly cared for.

Eternal is the love of man, inside the chambers of light, collision is the by product of…

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Photo by Joshua Harris on Unsplash

Let the lie unfold in fuchsia, the cause remains unexplored,
expectations wrapped in misery, co-operative with divinity and the ego self.

Selfless acts revolutionize our culture,
burned sunflowers serve as a hue for banality,
constant apparitions in a space of light,
consistent application of the inner child into the shaking winds.

Attrition is the only way forward,
disguise as attested by the utmost self in a false corporation,
love increases the meaning of totality,
love values the relationship with the other in virtue,
scolding as if hot water boiled across the back.

Let us increase the holding patterns of the…

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hiroshima confidential on Unsplash

Love the endless tale of waiting for high roses,
ancient relics behold the Universe at the bottom of oceans,
transverse palliative resuscitation where thunder is born,
blue remains the water of oceans where cliffs reside.

Semi-structured, the weary traveler beholds temptation,
climbing up the periwinkle wall with a pouring after thought,
proper attrition becomes a slave to salvation,
thereby, numerous counts of the joyous remain populated and torn.

The brain is the man made machine, infrastructure undefined, holy is the Spirit water that mountains drink in exasperation, yourself being a carrier of rotations, opposites attract violets and flames, it is…

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Photo by Francesca Zama on Unsplash

Love is embittered, still inside giant Sequoia’s,
encumbered by the monumental push of a broken heart in the desert,
honey and dew pouring put in a motionless decree,
the neighbor who jolts his dagger at auspicious behavior.

Claiming the impostor, integrity shines amongst those who whisper,
asking the sun to engender their personality,
moral Equinox beside raging rivers and consistent forests.

Broad exhilaration and temptations on bar,
currents in the streams of toxicity like kites in the wind,
motionless lovers become emotions of a kind,
always taking back the face of holistic revelations.

Projected roads develop migratory sounds and historic…

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The after session of rain and cumulous clouds
begins as the formation of red, orange, yellow; three principles of light,
conjuring the forgotten angels that populate our earth,
heavens are maintaining their composition while the world is violent,
peace is all that I seek.

Where attention flows so is the sacred being,
involved in the implementation of honorable sacrifice,
ends become conclusions and chapters in the books of beginning,
anger dissolves as one is colored into sparkling shades.

Grey matter involves a sense of depressive symptomology, ethical vibrations eat away at the insides of humanity, where love exists one does…

Anna Rozwadowska

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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