A Collection of Inspirational Quotes

If there is one common thing among us humans, it’s the hope for a better tomorrow….

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Over the last number of years, I have undergone deep spiritual and personal transformation and received heart and soul based knowledge in the form of quotes. I thank Spirit for this inward understanding. I have kept most of this information locked away in diaries and journals and the inner chamber of my heart.

This is a collection of heart and soul-centered knowledge through quotations.

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Before we dive in, I urge you to reflect on each piece. Enjoy, and ask your heart and soul to receive!

Quotes and Information:

On Spirituality:

1.) “Go deep within, the innermost being of your soul, where a mere branch becomes a fragment of the self.”

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2. ) “When you pray for others, you pray for yourself and vice versa, because prayers are vibrations that meld into one another, using a like-like dynamic, like hymns from the heart.”

3. ) “What does ‘the divine in me honors the divine in you’, really mean? Simply put, it means that you are stripping the person you greet bare of all worldly possessions and concerns that can wound and change the flesh, and honoring their true essence, their divinity, their holy nature, their soul-self, the eternal. Namaste.”

4. ) “Perhaps all is well, not at the anticipated moment, not when the stars align but now, in the incredulous mess that you are in. Perhaps, somewhere in the cosmos, a greater being has looked upon you at this very moment and said, “There, there is my perfect child.”

5. ) “Your divination is your true source of power. It means that, when you connect to Source, your true, divine essence shines forth.”

6. ) “This concept of a soul journey or soul lessons, in the same way that we journey to a destination or we are taught lessons by our teachers, even the greatest spiritual teachers, won’t do. This is the truth. The soul needs nothing to learn and it needs not to travel because soul is Divinity itself. The soul incarnate may have come down for life lessons, but that is the soul incarnate! And then, Buddha laughs and says to me, ‘Why have you taken the long journey ahead?’ ”

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Gnostic Warrior

7.) “There is a lesson held deeply within the soul~ the embarkment of freedom, never really a lesson at all.”

8.) “The greatest of lessons can be found in hardships. This is a fact of life. We can either choose to accept and understand or fight against it. And sometimes, we must keep learning and re-learning until our soul ascends into the space of Oneness. This is not a sign of weakness, rather, of the greatest strength and Mastery.”

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Earth Angels Art Amanda Clark

10. ) “To everyone you meet, “God bless you soul.” This saying pierces even our own critical voice of others. It is also one of the kindest wishes to bestow upon someone, known to mankind. God bless your soul.”

11.) “One doesn’t have to do anything to be spiritual. The search outside the self will always lead to the same results and the same knowing: You are that which you seek, already.

12.) “Chase no one. Let everything appear in divine, right timing.”

14.) You did everything right my child. It was never that you did anything wrong in the situation you are in. It is simply that your soul must experience this too.”

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Leah Lamb

15.) “Perhaps all is well, not at the anticipated moment, not when the stars align but now, in the incredulous mess that you are in. Perhaps, somewhere in the cosmos, a greater being has looked upon you at this very moment and said, “There, there is my perfect child.”

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16.) “There is no such thing as having mastered mindfulness. You will be pulled into the constant streams of thoughts, fantasies, emotions, emoji’s, that will tantalize you with their intensity and taste.

Mindfulness is the constant catching of the bird that has flown away.”

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17.) “Until you return back to the stars and the galaxies from which you were made, rest assured that you rest, is assured.”

On the Subject of Love:

  1. ) “A woman’s heart must be of child-like innocence, at the same time, a guarded fortress. She learns only by experience~ the good and bad~ that love is to be freely given, yet, guarded against intrusions of the greatest kind.”
  2. ) “Wait for the one who will accept you full circle. In other words, all of your complexities, emotions and everything in between. And in the end, that person may be you, for in the end, you need you, the most.”
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3.) “Do you know what it’s like to love a person with your soul? For the uninitiated, the experience can be overwhelming and many run away, others, turn it into something more manageable like lust or possession. When you let that person go, it is easier at first yet the longing stays with you forever because now you have experienced something intangible, overwhelming, soul-deep.

To love a person with one’s soul so deeply that you lose yourself inside of them, that is the ultimate and only form of love that is truly required.”

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4.) “It is a promising battle, the one not yet won, between the heart and the mind.”


On Life:

1.) “The clouds will pass. The sun will pass too. Our worries, our joys, the same. We are in a constant state of flux, transitioning from one being to another, changing colors like the falling leaves of autumn.”

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2. ) “Be empty. And watch the miracles unfold.”

3. ) “It’s funny, this thing called purpose.

4.) “Conscious laughter is powerful and poignant. There is no mistaking its destination: The giver and the receiver; the heart.”

5. ) “What’s been done is done, and it’s done. The past is done with you, yet, you grip onto it so tightly.

Try to focus your mind on the present moment, as much as possible.”

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6.) “If there is one common thing among us humans, it’s the hope for a better tomorrow.”

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7. ) “You realize in life, that the big moments we often anticipate for so long matter less over time, than the continuation of the precious small moments over the course of this lifetime.”

8.) “Learn to accept loneliness and joy, both in the same capacity. It is the key to mastering life.”

9.) “It is so important not to judge the situation you are in. Please be kind to yourself, for you are here to experience the human experience. It is just that.”

10.) “Sometimes, you need to remove all the distractions, breathe and reflect. It seems rather bizarre in our to-do list culture that the simple act of awareness often brings about a sense of grounding, peace, acceptance, and truth.”

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12.) “When you find someone sincere, keep them, keep them, and keep them. For the mark of sincerity bears well upon a man’s face, and the mark of insincerity bears a heavy burden upon a man’s heart.”

13.) “Wish them well, all those who are ahead of you in life, knowing that speed was never really the issue.”

14.) “When you have fallen in life, and people walk away, let them. For it is only the bravest who will stick by your side, and likewise, you will be one of the bravest at the side of your brethren when they fall too. For everyone falls at least once, in their lifetime.”

On Philosophical Matters:

  1. ) “Consider this. That pearl that you seek, deep within the ocean, resides deep within you.”

2.) “For it is in the present, that we find the future.”

3.) “ No loss has ever lost so much, as gain.”

4.) “Judgement of the self is the most heinous of acts as if waging a war with the Self-Being.”

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5.) “The biggest fear is the fear of fear itself. The biggest lie is that one is afraid.”

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6.) “What is it, really, that the bird needs to know in order to fly?”

7.) “It is true that one marks the achievements of success, using different variables.”

8.) “I know nothing beyond what this present moment contains because, in essence, the present moment contains all there is.”

9.) “Relax and let it flow. Stop fighting the iridescent light and let it flow through you. Let whatever moves you flow through you, for that is the way.”

And always remember, “hope floats in a gentle stream of non-resistance.

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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