A Collection of Inspirational Quotes (by me) Part 1

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Anna Rozwadowska

Over the last number of years, I have undergone profound spiritual and personal transformation and received heart and soul based knowledge, through direct experience but also, for example, during mediation or rest. I have kept most of this information locked away in diaries and journals and the inner chamber of my heart.

One day, I realized that this information warranted a closer examination and as I decided that it did so, I also decided that it was time to share what I could with the public. And I am doing just that with this article.

These articles will be divided into multiple parts; a series grouped by subject matter. This piece is a collection of ten quotes that I received as a part of my spiritual and personal development.

Before we dive in, I urge you to reflect on each piece. Question it, process it, even if it means reading it over or reading one quote per day and letting it sink in deeper. Because this is not light reading, but wisdom from Spirit, thus of the highest caliber. But it’s also fun to read, as fun and insightful as it was for me to share and understand it myself. Enjoy, and ask your heart and soul to receive!

Quotes and information, in no particular order (all quotes are by me):


  1. ) “Go deep within, the innermost being of your soul, where a mere branch becomes a fragment of the self.”

I believe that this is referring to the fact that the individual is whole, in essence, and each thing that we may consider a ‘fragment’ such as a branch of a tree is a ‘fragment’ of the whole, as we are a collective of all of our fragments. Therefore, no separation can take place, in accordance with the view of the individual as a whole being, comprised of many different parts; light and shadow too.

In fact, Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology and worked with Sigmund Freud, talked about the shadow self as being a part of the individual, just like the lighter side was. Once again, this comes back to the idea that the collective is the sum of it’s parts; the individual is the sum of all his parts; the tree is the sum of all it’s parts, branches and all.

2.) “Perhaps all is well, not at the anticipated moment, not when the stars align but now, in the incredulous mess that you are in. Perhaps, somewhere in the cosmos, a greater being has looked upon you at this very moment and said, “There, there is my perfect child.”

This quote is self-explanatory. Life is messy, but if you believe that something ‘up there’ is in charge or looking over you, or whatever your belief system is, perhaps in the midst of the chaos, dysfunction and messiness that life can create (of course not to negate the joys), there is something or someone ‘up there’ who looks upon us as perfect, in every single way. This means that we are more than our circumstances, of course.

3.) “What is it, really, that the bird needs to know in order to fly?”

This quote can be interpreted in many ways. But essentially, it is saying that a bird is a bird, and inside and through nature it already has the capacity to fly, all it takes is practice and the right timing. And just like life, we know inside everything that we need to know in order to live a full life as a human being. This knowledge has been given to us from above and it resides within. All we need is practice and the right timing to understand it and then, to fly!

4.) “Chase no one. Let everything appear in divine, right timing.”

This piece of inner wisdom came with the wisdom that everything happens at the right time, that is, whatever is meant to be. I am sure that we have often experienced ‘the chase’ for something that we really wanted, often to face disappointment. Many of us have considered that it ‘just wasn’t meant to be,’ but what about ‘it just wasn’t meant to be at this time.’ Or it was, meant to be. What wonder! Everything is timing, and if we believe, at the right time, the right opportunities will come along (usually through hard work too!).

5.) “Be empty. And watch the miracles unfold.”

This simple quote holds profound wisdom. It means that as we quiet all the distractions around us and learn to sit and be still in ourselves, that is the space where miracles happen. I urge you to sit with this quote for a while longer, really take it in, write it down, think about it. Because, our lives are so centered on being full that we may be missing the point entirely. Maybe the miracles truly reside within. Maybe we don’t need to travel anywhere, after all!

6.) “Relax and let it flow. Stop fighting the iridescent light and let it flow through you. Let whatever moves you flow through you, for that is the way.”

Indeed. Such profound truth, yet so hard to believe because life tests us so often. However, this is a piece of all encompassing advice; spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. We often fight the flow of life because we are adamant that our way is the best. But if something ‘up there’ has other plans, we run into problems. Or if like I said above, the timing isn’t right, we run into problems. Even if there isn’t something ‘up there’ we run into problems. But, if we learn to view life like a river or a light beam flowing through us, so that we can move in accordance where we are being led, even to move around our obstacles, then life would be so much easier don’t you think? So live life, like the river!

7.) “To everyone you meet, “God bless you soul.” This saying pierces even our own critical voice of others and our perceived differences. It is also one of the kindest wishes to bestow upon someone, known to mankind. God bless you soul.”

This is indeed one of the kindest and most profound sayings to one another. This is because, as I have mentioned before, the soul is divine, it is the God-self, some would say each soul is a strand of what we consider ‘God’ or Universe or Source. “God bless you soul’ indicates that you are acknowledging this divine relationship, of God-Spirit-Source-Universe and the soul. And because the soul is inside of us, we are divine beings as well. Thus, God bless your soul my friend!

8.) “For it is in the present, that we find the future.”

This is the truth. It is only in the present moment that we can attain anything. No future exists outside the present moment because we don’t have it! So, the future can only be contained in the present, as a concept and as reality (in the mind for example), something to ponder over with a cup of steaming hot tea or a nice Caffè latte yes?

9.) “Consider this. That pearl that you seek, deep within the ocean, resides deep within you.”

What this is saying is that you need not look anywhere outside yourself, because all that you are looking for is within you. This is a deep level of understanding that many people do not realize, often, until the end of their lives. That all that they have ever wanted and searched for, time and time again, has been inside all along! Heart, body, mind, and Spirit; as one completely whole individual being.

10.)Fundamentally, one doesn’t have to do anything to be spiritual. The search outside the self will always lead to the same results and the same knowing: You are that which you seek, already.”

This relates to the quote above. You are love although you seek love outside yourself. You are divinity although you search for holiness outside yourself. You are the pearl in the ocean, although you dive into the depths of the sea in search of treasure. Now, this is not to negate all human efforts to search, find and know, because that is human nature, but eventually we come to realize that “You are that which you seek, already.”

I look forward to our journey together through this multiple part series. The next chapters will focus less on spirituality, and more on the human experience; love, loss, success and all.

Love and Light.

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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