Human Parts Prompt “Envy”

Envy~is sadism, is inequality, is the antithesis of growth in individuals.
When envy is around, pounds of non-profit undulation press down on your shoulder. Envy has never turned to me to complete life’s profit, rather,
it has turned on me; depleting my inner resources.

Envy is the suit that I rarely wear~ because I have learned to appreciate myself; sometimes my efforts seem far too miniscule compared to my allies.

Envy robs an individual, takes away the uniqueness of our person,
whose life isn’t perfect, whose job may earn just enough to get by,
it disposes, with massive force, the person to person equality we strive for.

For who is to say that envy isn’t a precursor to comparison,
moving aside all that is precious about individuation.

Love is essential, expansive, elated, visceral, sometimes yet,
one stews in it’s matter; release of endorphins for mankind,
asking perplexing questions~love is ascension, purity behind
social constructs of relinquishing that~which~is~not~yours.

Anger, ally of envy, is folly, misused captive energy, easily pressed by aggravation,
solace it finds in misunderstanding, wasted breath, wasted oxygen
when your tank has ran out of purpose, in deep waters.

Fear is a trap, entrapment, delusion, uncontrolled substance for the addict.
Fear dominates our planetary pleas, it is most comfortable inhaling discomfort.
Fear is the blanket of security that chokes you, without the bruise,
Fear walks together with envy, counting, blessing, catching the kind hearted in despair and isolation.

These emotions captivate many, yet, they cannot understand envy’s mask and it’s cruel nature,
managed by smouldered hands, heart~the mind too, it’s incessant,
curiosity turns to thunder, splitting your January into year’s end;
do not confuse.

Precious; perplexed at the duality of convention,
which you wish to escape, yet, it is all a veil, envy is greed, engaging us in pointless conversation~conversion of the millenials.

Why does one attend to the malicious, when a simple notice is enough?

Strike the balance of thorns adorning posts of yellow roses; joy and hurt
exist, parallel to duality, envy is illusion, dichotomy, persuasion~ the human attracts.

May it be so,
perhaps in semantics, perhaps in phased reality,
that envy is forgotten, protested and replaced,
that the elevated circumstance of pure coalitions bring forth a gentle
reminder, that,
you are not who you appear to be; you desire to attend the peaceful bend.

Agnes Cecile

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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