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  • J.D. Harms

    J.D. Harms

    Former hairstylist, perpetual philosophy student, swallowed by poetry, writing, ideas

  • Esteban Giancaterino

    Esteban Giancaterino


  • Thomas Gaudex

    Thomas Gaudex

    Storyteller on life, dreamer, and star gazer. Editor of Scribe. thomasgaudex@pm.me | thomasgaudex.co

  • Tim Cigelske

    Tim Cigelske

    Educator. Podcast addict. Wrote a book about creativity: http://bit.ly/thecreativejourney

  • John Fitzgerald

    John Fitzgerald



    Editor of ILLUMINATION-Curated publication on Medium. Writer application: https://medium.com/illumination-curated

  • Johannes Mudi

    Johannes Mudi

    BA.Ed (History); LLB (Common Law). I started writing and fell in love and now I can't stop. Writer - Poet mudijohannes@gmail.com

  • Simran Kankas

    Simran Kankas

    Author of ‘Beyond and Within’ —https://tinyurl.com/y6d4jlgl and ‘Moon in Veil’ — https://tinyurl.com/nca84v7m

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