Literally Literary (Big news!)

Literally Literary — February 5, 2019

Heath ዟ

Dear Literally Literary Readers and Writers,

I usually try to keep these letters light. I realize this is potentially going into thousands of email inboxes and I try to be very respectful of that.

It’s all positive, though!

Still, it’s the end of an era, for me, and now that the decision is official, I feel like an emotional balloon has burst. I actually got a couple of tears writing this (the manly kind, of course). Jessica will always be a part of Literally Literary, in its heart, and in its soul. I refuse to let it ever be otherwise. This place is a combined piece of both our hearts and I couldn’t be more proud of that.

The other big news is the announcement of two new editors at Literally Literary!

Please welcome Indira Reddy as your new Prose Editor and Anna Rozwadowska as your new Poetry Editor. It took a lot for me to share the responsibility for this place, but I know I’ve got two great people here who will make fantastic editors and help push Literally Literary into 2019 with a bang!



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Anna Rozwadowska

Anna Rozwadowska


Owner, Editor of Storymaker, Hallow Literary. Top Writer in Poetry. A writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide. M.A., Ph.D.