October Predictions

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My Predictions are that October will be a slower month, long overdue changes will be happening largely behind the scenes but there will be many trailing energies (so the month is not one of drastic changes, rather a detour!), and decision making that we have put off. We will try distraction but October energy continues to push us into completing certain cycles, especially those surrounding the lunar and planetary shifts, and we will have to face certain aspects of ourselves that we may not want to see. It is a time of inner reflection, preparing us for winter, the utmost time for reflection. This sets panic buttons off in many who are unsure of their future or those who do not like their life trajectory, but all is not lost, as there is lots of room for self improvement, development, and slowing down the pace of things, even just a little. But it’s in your court, not slowing down but what that will look like.

Also, self care will be essential and much needed as a part of the slowing down process. But don’t get it wrong, October is a transition month and what follows are big changes, especially in the New Year as I had seen in the early months of 2019 (not Spring like most people would assume), mostly driven by you, your actions and decision-making. So take time to think, reflect, and take care of you. A slowing down process could simply mean that you take a wider look at your life, perhaps start working on long overdue yet overlooked projects, and slowly peel away conditioned programming that has, honestly, left you wondering who you really are (am I right or not?). Because, the last couple of months, I bet that you have been feeling odd or weird within yourself, and that was part of your transitioning process, I am told, as in ‘behaving like the new.’ This could mean that we are being projected into a more action-oriented cycle, especially around our own inner transformation.

So, what matters to us? How are we going to cope and handle the next couple of months? Is attainment even that important right now, or achievement, rather than realization of the self? There is a reference to ‘turbines,’ which makes sense given that they are associated with the wind, and so is fall time. But this could also mean that gusts of air are replacing the old furniture and foundations within our landscape, so that newness can spring forth. Stale air simply cannot continue to circulate for our breathing. But don’t wait until New Year’s resolutions, as I believe we are truly being called to ask ourselves some important questions, which may seem to contradict the beginning of this post as October being a ‘slowing down’ month, but slowing down can simply mean that we become more attentive to our inner landscape, what needs to change, how we navigate our internal waters and move forward from here.

I suggest a one day at a time approach, as to not overwhelm the senses which are extremely sensitive and heightened right now, and if we rush into anything there is a good chance that without the forethought, we may not make the right decisions or contributions. But we must also take time to weigh in on some pretty serious subject matter, but you get to choose what that looks like. I am being told that it’s time to dissolve the shadow self. Again, one step at a time, prioritizing, making lists (or not if it overwhelms you), and also, getting to choose your priorities. Which senses are your dominant, and have you taken the time to explore? Because they may be leading you forward.

Happy hunting, and happy fall season!

Love, Anna Rozwadowska.

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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