Pinnacles of Life

Anna Rozwadowska
1 min readDec 18, 2018
Lana Guise

Everything ends with a look.

You are borne from womb
people are

gathering with gaping mouths
looking at this new marvel.

A distraction,
baby brings new life predilections

finances, worries, joys, debt, schooling
scared not, you are scared not,
fearless one.

A wondrous act of creation

so much to look forward to.

When you anticipate unexpected,
acquaintances appear

gathering around making symphonies

of life,
smudged mascara

swollen sensations hoping jubilation

the landscape
of human emotion.

What a juggling act of suspension
this thing called life.

When you live pinnacles and special events

you gather around or disperse
surround the lights
of reality,

that hit you

through the
exit door.

Pinnacles of life,

reminiscence and newborns

behind the exit door.

Anna Rozwadowska 2018

Anna Rozwadowska

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