Dead Poets Live

Q & A with Anna Rozwadowska

“I’m a creative, I believe we all are. Creatives must find a way to express what resides within.”

David S.

May 15, 2019

Anna Dittmann

How did your journey to art begin?

I think I started outlining sketches when in my mother’s womb :).

Since childhood, I had a natural talent for drawing, painting and writing. Life took me in many places, away from art, and I have gone through many art-no-art cycles in life. Sometimes, I am drawn right back to reading for prolonged periods of time, sometimes writing, drawing etc.

I’m a creative, I believe we all are. Creatives must find a way to express what resides within.

With Medium and other platforms, I’m in full swing creativity mode.

Anna Rozwadowska, M.A. Top Writer in Poetry, poetry editor of Literally Literary, writer, photographer, and spiritual guide.

Is there a poet who influenced the way you see, think, write?

There are so many, writers and poets, artists overall, but I have a funny way of approach things. I rarely look at a writer’s name, I pick first by subject and interest. However, Rumi has always dominated my world of Poetry (and Spirituality), and so many more that it’s embarrassing to think that I cannot think of any. Many writers now on social media platforms influence me as well.

In terms of influencing what I see; we are the byproduct of social conditioning from Day One. Eventually, one hits a milestone and starts asking themselves important questions. That is the quest of self-exploration. Many people have influences along the way. I think Tesla (though not a poet per se) was one of the greatest minds of our time.

I am constantly learning by reading poems and writing, and subconsciously and consciously they influence me. Right now, it’s my style; free form, completely ruled by heart and soul and processed by the mind. So, I am the poet who influences me the most.

I love the concept of Dead Poets Live, there is such a huge gap in what passes as literature nowadays.

I will include my latest poem, the concept was wonderfully executed:


Deeping infusion, trance inside it dances
I have lost the shape of kindly world; illusion is my existential-being,
freeing my landscape of petrified constraint,
I cannot hold myself together;

limbs become consonants,
explaining in the verbiage of oceanic current,
prolong the dance, infusion of narcotic, bening pretension,
there is a dance for ascension, a pretense for becoming the light,
I will not fight, my time has come; bring me thy peace,
illusion deprives the infusion of constant uprising.

It is in the most prolific way,
that I shall dance into eternity; infused with collusion
of my living poetry.


Anna Rozwadowska

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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