Q & A with Anna Rozwadowska, writer, photographer, artist, editor, and spiritual guide

by Glen Binger published in Betterism:

Apr 17, 2019

Anna Rozwadowska is an Environmental Management professional with an M.A. in Environmental Sociology and 15+ years of professional experience. She’s a writer, photographer, artist, editor, and spiritual guide. On Medium, she’s a Top Writer in Poetry and the poetry editor of . Connect with Anna online: Medium: @arozwadowska711 / Twitter:@AnnaRozwadowsk6 / LinkedIn: @arozwadowska


AR: I am a human ‘.’ That is probably the best description possible; meaning I live what you live, I experience (much) of what you experience, I live a life full of challenges and rewards. I am not an individual that is easy to classify or box in, as my bio states, I am a professional with over 15 years of professional experience, and a psychic. Writing is a passion of mine and I spend a good time of my days floating in the clouds or grounding through my heart. That’s where the best writing comes from.


AR: Good question. Does anyone know? I think it evolved naturally, and I became serious about my art at some point in my life. I never ‘knew’ I wanted to be a writer or famous painter, it happened naturally.


AR: So much advice. Remember, everything starts with small steps. Everyone grows and builds their craft through time and practice. I went through so many rejections as a writer (still do!), that it caused massive blackouts in periods of my life; as was the case with painting, drawing and more. Something sparked me, and I started again and kept on going. And that is what every artist needs, to learn, to grow, to have patience, to be persistent, to EXPECT drawbacks and failures, and to look forward to achieving their goals.

Additionally, and I hate to say it, not everyone is meant for everything. Perhaps you are not meant to be a writer. It happens. I suck at math and physics, even though I am a closet neuroscientist. And, try not to compare yourself to others; comparison is truly the thief of joy. BUT, learn from others, gain inspiration from others, talk to artists, be curious, it’s all part of the process. You are never too small nor too ‘big’ for this; no one is exempt from the process of learning in life.


AR: I have to be honest, I go through periods of reading nothing, then poetry, then nothing, then a mixture of works. I would say, and I know I am going to forget many in this answer, but a must-read in everyone’s life is Viktor Frankl’s . Life changing book. Rumi is my go-to poet, and I have no favourite poets, I read what speaks to me. I am a huge fan of Nikola Tesla and Universal consciousness; fascinating brains with a human complex; that is my deal.

by Paulo Coelho also comes to mind. Oh, and the of course. My brain just died, sorry.


AR: Yes. I am a hardcore poet. Poetry for me is writing from the heart and soul, it’s always been my favourite. However, I write and read all kinds of stories; prose, articles, fiction, and nonfiction. I would say fiction is the least read.


AR: Oh, don’t follow me. Or follow me, not sure. I can, at this point, write on any subject, pop it in and I am going. But it took years for me to get to that point. I write almost every day, and one of my strategies is to write immediately after an idea or topic comes to mind; that is when your heart-brain-soul wish to speak. You can go back later and edit.

At times, I will skip meals and write like a mad man until I can’t see straight. At times, I wake up at midnight and write. Why? I don’t know. Then again most artists are partially mad. But, if you are serious, you must accept that Creativity strikes at the oddest of moments, so carry with you a notepad wherever you go and be prepared to sacrifice for the rewards.

Also, continually learn from, talk to and I am a big fan of doing collaborations with other artists. It really challenges you to take two different types of writing from two different individuals, and if you come up with a magical combination, it really is a magical process.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Approach other artists, and even publishers. Learn, perfect your craft. Sometimes it’s draining, as a lot of things in life, but learn, learn and learn.


AR: Think, but feel.


AR: Oh! I wrote an article on Medium about this: “Redefining Success

You will have to read it because it’s what it comes down to. Success in our society has been usurped by someone or some secret society. It is not what we think. I believe that one can be successful in the smallest of ventures. Always remember this when thinking that you are not enough, not doing enough, not good enough, etc.


AR: Oh my Lord. Ever heard the saying “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

That. That is my life.

I need to start writing my books again, penning two, or had been penning… working on my freelance writing career, I dreamt that one of my books became a Motion Picture so you never know.

Otherwise, I have learned to have aspirations and goals; I’d love to finish my Ph.D. as well, but for now, I have been dealt with enough surprises to last me a few years. My goals are to keep motivated to keep up my craft. And, I expand, I am co-writing and authoring peer-reviewed articles and more. Maybe I’ll travel to an ashram and live the simple life. Who knows?

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Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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