No curse, nothing inordinate in search of peculiarities
love it flies, shines it turns, bends energy
with our grasping, thin air bows to our inclinations as we pull strings;
seducing the winds with the human need for affection.

Somewhere in the Mojave desert cracks unfold, perfect sequence
dry as parched land you tread, when confined to the thirst for answers,
seducing the elements; they push forth dandelions for famous quotes
of perseverance.

Stars shine forth, composing dips in the sky,
galaxies for astronomers while earth beholds the slippery surface
of human ambition, often carved at her expense,
jagged rocks speak of weathering;
their crumbling is exposed only when earth needs
to be understood.

All the lands you speak of; vision quests undertaken to hear middle age speak,
sands blow eternal as the progressive moves forth,
bowing to the faster, better, easier, more, heftier, untethered,
soil grounds remain; tethered, observing passengers pass by,
years are but a singular instance; there is no counting in the earth plane,
no bother either; it simply remains.

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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