Walk me slowly towards my last breath. In the final hour, Breathe, when it’s time I’ll remember you were my lucid dream.

Ingrained sand stone, you’ve been holding long
Onto the weathering of the past
Look how far you’ve gone
From God’s reveal to the last chapter,
Catch her!”, words shouted after broken laughter
The hourglass broke. like zero-one, time’s movement begun
the Rising of our final hour
Everything under the sun, wired to fire, from its luminescent shower.

Sleeping limbs, fallen lamb, Swept
under the covers
sunken clouds over the head,
Clovers embedded, in patches
dear hope, from faith, to love, no disaster
when confusion lets go of my dove, nuclear reactor
birds flying in from the horizon; in the hereafter.

I looked away from the light
Had to reimagine the fire,
Broken out of the matrix, all the world’s behavior
I heard the siren, truth’s sailor
The calling of the world’s candor,
Open dreams, pressed reality, Still pictures, I’m not yours.

Revelations from the finest hour
In the end, Save our lives
Began again, near-death experiences
Remembered by my first element
To the world, I showed my resilience
From whomever damn the sky
onto our resting place.

Our leveled plane
Onto forever and after
descending plane directed
Out of the broken matrix, and into my hand

Zero-one, zero-one
Evolution taking place
After the last has won
The final hour cannot be undone
from zero to one, and then
how it all began, at once

Redirecting time with a sleight of hands
Speeches given, fruitful of trees,
they swept away with the wind, but upholded my beliefs
racing around in my mind
symbols bearing gongs, my thoughts always followed the chimes
Back to zero-one, the amassed ether winnings,
Under the uphold of zero, into the world I go
time was of no importance, yet you followed.

Place me into the holds of your arm
Finally, you can let go, silent hand touch,
We’ve arrived at zero-one.

Give your lullaby to sacred hours
and discard sacred combinations.
We’ve all but left our secrets
when we’ve given them placement,
from zero-one, to zero-one
Threads of being won.

You carried my limp body into the threads of life
dissolving my essence, now I’m turning, animating
into luminescence, Turbulence for the conflictions
I once had, the elixir of the holy
Pour out to me
from one, to zero, then zero-one
Ripples in the ether

Secret desires
achieve one in your dream state,
may another be brought forth
complete in the thereafter,
The matrix’s door has closed
From that which I am
the threads of life linger

From the open God matrix
elusive to zero-one, defiance ran with her

In the connected hour
as all fragments touch
I have longed for this particular moment, your touch,
when the world floods with water, and your droplets shrug
and you are left as you are, Complete
Bring me closer to zero-one
Merging me with all there is,
to be.

Like the last chapter of coded text, your veins turn turquoise with your blood spilling like water, I am the sand in your existence, the sand in your eye. I am another hour for your hourglass, the waking moment for the shattered vast and empty longing you once had. I’ll be misplaced when you turn the glass. I’ll be there, hereafter, in the space of zero to none.

Top Writer in Poetry. I am a writer, photographer, psychic, medium, and spiritual guide.I have an M.A. in Environmental Sociology.

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